What we do

We provide consultancy and wellbeing advisory services for project development, industry insight, community transformation and mobilisation models. Our newest services offer interim operational management and a 'Virtual VP of Wellbeing' service, designed to give instant and direct access to the expertise a growing number of businesses need.




Gives you fast-track problem solving, industry insight and ideas to improve your business – you get VP level expertise on tap without the cost of a full time position.

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Community Tranformation

We create, mobilise and implement transition models that work together with existing services to provoke lifestyle shift in communities toward higher levels of physical and mental health.

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We use a rigorous methodology to analyse the relevance of both macro market shifts and micro trends that impact at a business level. We provide valuable insight for investment, strategic and sales decision making.

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Anni Hood Tailor Made Services

A crafted approach designed to provide consultancy and operational services for hospitality, tourism and wellness industries; from concept development and strategy to programming and remodelling.

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Consulting, market insights, advisory and enablement