Virtual VP of  Wellbeing

For an 'in your pocket' Vice President of Wellbeing -  without the full-time payroll.



Global Wellness Institute

Your own in-house Vice President of  Wellbeing.


A personal service offered by Anni herself.  She provides an instant sounding board for problems 'now' as well as a more strategic service to navigate challenge, shepherd development or review business performance.


Whether you're mid meeting and need an answer to a question or you're planning next year's budget -  decades of hospitality and wellbeing experience, trouble shooting and industry insight is at your service whenever you or your business require it.



  • Contact directly at or call +44 7885255887
  • Book either a one hour slot or an hourly bundle and we begin immediately
  • Invoicing is automated and must be paid on receipt ahead of service delivery
  • Service delivery is usually via digital means
  • In person delivery can also be arranged
  • You want expertise that reflects an in-house VP but without the expense
  • You want access to the rapidly growing wellness economy
  • You need to make changes in your business to meet different guest or citizen needs
  • You want a stronger wellbeing culture through your brand, company or service provision
  • You have a service operation that isn’t working
  • You require a concept to be reviewed or created
  • You need an operations trouble shooter 
  • You want to increase productivity, revenue or profit
  • You need new build plans reviewed
  • You need a wellbeing strategy and concept
  • You require practical solution to business challenge

VIRTUAL VP your service

Bringing wellbeing vision , support and solution to your business.

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    You get instant access to expertise, an extended network and immediate answers to challenges you may be facing.

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    We have global experience - from China and South East Asia to the US, Europe and the Middle-East.

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    The pace and acceleration of change means you need speedy and focused response.

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    No more worrying! You have a 'go to' wellbeing expert as part of your team.

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    From business integration to socio economic impact, business opportunities are vast as demand for wellbeing sky rockets.

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    Dot your 'i's and cross your 't's - what do you need? What impact will wellbeing have on your business, your customers and your workforce?


Who needs a Virtual VP of Wellbeing?

You may be a corporate business or employer, an investor, CEO or  Hotel GM. Perhaps you're a Private Equity firm requiring due diligence on a new deal, or a tourism ministry needing insight on the wellness traveler.

Maybe you're a property developer or an architectural firm seeking insight on wellness communities, a hospital director, a travel company, research agency or business consultancy.

Whomever you are and whatever your perspective, wellbeing is owning a part of your conversation. Ignore it at your peril!


What you're likely to be seeking;

  • Market insights
  • Ideas!
  • Strategic direction
  • Communications infrastructure
  • Operationastructure
  • Increased profitability
  • Due diligence on potential investment
  • Increased productivity
  • Better management of costs
  • Solutions to operational challenge
  • Cultivating points of difference
  • Upgrading guest experience
  • Evolution for your model
  • Retail sales improvement
  • P&L review
  • Copy writing

Your VIRTUAL VP menu

Choose what suits you best - or call Anni and discuss it!


INITIAL TASTER - with our compliments

Discuss your business and organisational needs or use as a sounding board session (20 mins)


FIVE HOUR MONTHLY BUNDLE (available in multiples) - £750

To be utilised when you wish during the monthly period. We advise some planning if you require specific deliverables


BY THE HOUR - £200

Book an hour with Anni to discuss, review, plan, strategise ...whatever you need.


FIVE HOUR MONTHLY PREMIUM (Available in multiples) - £925

Five hour monthly bundle + subscription to the Hospitality & Wellbeing Barometer £925 (A saving of £25)


Consulting, market insights, advisory and enablement