Tailor Made Solutions


People feel increasingly drawn to live their lives in concord with their values. This, alongside other influential aspects is driving a shift in how investment, business modelling, service delivery, brands, community infrastructure, culture and human connection is being crafted into sustainable and profitable models that work and appeal across both public and private sector businesses. We provide Tailor Made Solutions to navigate and mitigate against the changing landscape.

Crafting original models and solutions that seamlessly reflect client vision, guest and citizen need is what gets us out of bed.  We use the 'Hollywood' business model: Once a scope and mandate is created, we assemble a team composed of the best human capital available in the global market place. We base this on the specific requirements of the mandate and work together for the duration of mandate delivery and then disband.


Project Consultancy

Our projects usually group under these three sectors.  They include but are not limited to hotels and lodging, wellness communities, spa and health retreats, healthy lifestyle companies, retail brands, tourism boards and bureaus and health service delivery organisations.

Brand Development

  • Conception creation
  • Brand philosophy and values
  • USP anchors
  • Space and design development
  • Programming and menu development
  • Retail design, positioning and infrastructure
  • Service standards
  • Systems, processes and technology

Strategic Direction

  • Market research and competitive analysis
  • Short, medium and long term planning
  • Personnel development and training
  • Technology integration
  • Market positioning
  • Partnerships and endorsement
  • Measured growth and evolution

Healthy Living

  • Creation of supportive community models, drawing together like minds
  • Honouring the individual, bio-individuality, flexible programming
  • Systems of evaluation, guidance, support and feed back
  • Integration of naturally derived pro active health, illness prevention and protective medicine
  • Progressive framework for lifestyle change and long term sustainability

Wellness Tourism

  • Understanding and responding to the rapidly growing wellness tourism sector.
  • Re-positioning venues and locations to meet and exceed the needs of the wellness traveler.
  • Education for both public and private sector, recognising the commercial and socio economic potential.
  • Strategic development to optimise prospective opportunity.

Operational Excellence

  • Evaluation and action planning to achieve optimal operational flow
  • Attention to detail within the service process
  • Realising maximum business potential in all service and revenue generating areas
  • Maintaining and improving service standards and product delivery
  • Optimising sales processes, retail, cost control, systems, revenue and profitability
  • Personnel development, technical mind and body skills, guest rapport building


Consulting, market insights, advisory and enablement