Wellbeing Intelligence and Market Insight

Alongside our conceptual and development work we provide wellbeing market insight and research services on a global, regional and local level.  We work closely with our sister company WELL Intelligence, adding depth and valuable context to how the macro influences (that is economic, social, technology, geopolitical and the environment ) impact consumer trends and business strategy now and predictive forecasting for the future.

WELL Intelligence is home to the Hospitality & Wellbeing Barometer a bi-monthly newsletter that combines macro market outlook  with micro insights on the juncture between hospitality and wellbeing.



WELL Intelligence is your 'on tap' market lens

WELL Intelligence provides valuable market insight through a lens that many companies do not take a view through when considering the value and the influence wellbeing may  have on their investment, business or community.  The macro outlook used includes insight on economic, environmental, social, technology and geopolitical sectors that provide invaluable depth that matters enormously in understanding our accelerating and increasingly interdependent world.

How you benefit;

  1. First, subscribe  https://wellintelligence.com
  2. As a client of WELL Business Solutions and/or WELL Intelligence (WI), you will automatically have access to and gain benefit from, the weekly, monthly and bi-monthly insights that are supplied.
  3. You gain a ‘cognitive shortcut’ to what matters – WI mitigates against infobesity!
  4. You get the right analysis, backed up by a rigorous methodology, not just more analysis.
  5. We join the dots for you between the macro and micro themes that matter.
  6. You get an informed view via a powerful luminary network.


People feel increasingly drawn to live their lives in concord with their values. This, alongside other influential aspects is driving a shift in how investment, business modelling, service delivery, brands, community infrastructure, culture and human connection is being crafted into sustainable and profitable models that work and appeal across both public and private sector businesses.

Getting the pace and direction of  evolution (sometimes revolution!) right, requires an insightful pulse on what has happened, is happening and what is influencing the future. Crafting existing business to take advantage of the voracious wellbeing demand as well as launching new ventures successfully, relies on strong and informative industry knowledge and insight. With WELL Intelligence alongside our market research models we offer highly informed insight through our rigorous methodology systems as well as the knowledge of our vast network.

A sense of our feeder channels for research and insight

The WELL Intelligence platform  is home to the bi-monthly Hospitality & Wellbeing Barometer that aims to “join the dots” between the macro and micro themes in hospitality and wellbeing. A note from the founders;


From Anni;

“The WELL Intelligence platform and Barometer is designed as a cognitive shortcut, to distill what matters to decision-makers through candid insight and informed views, the idea is that investors, owners and decision-makers benefit from a fast-track that saves time and anticipates change in the market – in a way that they can use to make qualified decisions on direction and investment in wellbeing.”

From Thierry;

“The idea to produce the Hospitality & Wellbeing Barometer was suggested to us by several industry CEOs and prominent decision-makers, time being their scarcest resource, what they need – in their own words – is a ‘giant filtering mechanism’ and ‘cognitive checklist’ that can distill what matters to them in a bi-monthly, 15-minute read. The Barometer is the best antidote to information and analysis overload.”


Our research takes several forms dependent on client need and the nature of insight required.  Desk top research integrated with 'on location' investigation, in-person interviews, focus groups and our vast luminary network experience is combined  for analysis and evidence based recommendations.  



To the right is a format example of a recent regional market research report that drew conclusions illustrating the most feasible direction for development of a wellbeing service bearing all perspectives in mind.


We will be supporting the launch of an events series in October 2017  that  will be led by WELL Intelligence. The Lightbulb Lunch/Supper series will offer high level, intimate event gatherings (not more than 12 people at a time) to discuss the impact of, and increased need for wellbeing culture and consciousness throughout our society. Those attending will be subscribers to WELL Intelligence and include hospitality, investment, health, development, education, environment and more. It is peer to peer, encourages originality, networking and a relaxed homely ambience.


The events are invitation only for subscribers of the WELL Intelligence platform.


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