Community Transformation

We join with combined stakeholder groups who are focused on improving the lifestyle, health and living environments of their community. Whether an existing community or a new build; the social infrastructure that citizens are able to plug into is as important as the physical design and community transformation is a key ingredient to this.

A profound shift in how healthcare is delivered is taking shape.  Not least because national economies cannot sustain the increasing cost of declining physical and mental health and the societal and financial impact they both have across national and global populations.



We work with several models that help to inspire,  craft and inform tailored solution.

KIS Lifestyle ®

K.I.S Lifestyle® is an online community that was ahead of its time. It originally launched in 2010 in a culture that was still sleepy to the opportunity and the value of personal wellbeing. Designed to inspire and educate individuals towards ‘feeling better’, whatever their starting point.

K.I.S delivers exceptional expertise that is not only affordable but designed to empower people to feel better every single day.

We also care hugely about keeping it real. Wellness is as much about connecting with the issues of the day as it is about eating and exercise.


K.I.S Inspiration;

Love Living - relish your life, every morsel, every thought, every moment, every dream. You matter, Personalised, individual and meaningful guidance is as comforting as it is valuable. Simplicity - 'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.' Lao-tzu Expertise that is dedicated, skilled and qualified, nothing less. Feeling enriched in a likeminded caring Community is like the pleasure of sun on a dreary day ...

How it all started... from the founder;


"I needed a Plan B, that’s how K.I.S started.  The business world was going down the toilet and the boom of Dubai was quickly starting to look like bust. I left Middle Eastern shores for a Christmas break in 2008 and knew I’d better come back with a plan in my back pocket ‘just incase’ I wasn’t one of the lucky ones. But I was. I left in 2009. 


I've spent many fabulous years and still take great pleasure in working in the luxury spa and wellness industry, I love everything about it. Everything. At the same time, it has become more and more obvious to me that the best in health and wellness is reserved for the bigger wallets amongst us. When the differences are material, like an insatiable desire for a designer bag when an M&S version is all that’s affordable, it’s a drag. But, when the gap relates to quality of life, to happiness, to physical and mental wellbeing and knowing how and where to get the best help, its a lot more emotive and sometimes critical. 


What I sought was the ability to close the gap.  I wanted to inspire and reveal the brilliance of true wellbeing to more people. For me, wellness is a state of mind. It is an approach to living that enhances the quality of your life and has a connection with the real issues of the day."


Call me for a chat, I'd love to tell you more!

K.I.S Vision 


'To deliver simple optimal wellbeing solutions in ways that empower people to feel better everyday'




  1. We believe that the smallest and simplest changes lead to the most amazing results.
  2. We believe that feeling foxy and fabulous is a rite and a gift that everyone deserves.
  3. We believe in simplicity. In compassion. In meaning. In liberty.
  4. We believe that naturally balancing foods are an indispensable addition in our pursuit of wellness.
  5. We believe that how we live, relate and contribute to our community effects how we feel about ourselves.
  6. We believe in a real approach that connects with the pressure and needs of living today.
  7. We believe that combined Eastern and Western expertise provides the most effective foundation to best health.
  8. We believe that the pursuit of wellbeing should be affordable, accessible and still of the highest quality.
  9. We believe that it is not what we need to avoid but intact what we need to include that brings us to true balance and optimal wellbeing.
  10. We believe that taking a proactive approach to our wellbeing is as vital as breathing.

Life Morph TM

Life Morph is the physical enablement of K.I.S Lifestyle – designed as a physical, rather than online model that anchors initially in primary education. Also supporting wellbeing at home, in workplaces, social environments, GP surgeries, beauty hubs and lifestyle community environments.

(insert diagrams – School based model and living environments model)

We tailor the generic model to become a local pro active wellbeing ‘brand’, creating a socially based, inclusive and results driven health framework that responds directly to community needs.

Generic stages of development include;


  1. Planning
  2. Structure
  3. Community foundation
  4. Mobilisation
  5. Community entrenchment
  6. Monitoring and measurement


The model revolves around sequential stages and features specific to the selected community.

  1. We operate a consultative process with stakeholders; typically, they will feature local council representation, CCG, healthcare trust, GPs, developers and local community leaders such as emergency services, teachers and the local MP.
  2. We tailor from the base (generic) model so that it responds directly to community and population needs.
  3. We create a gap analysis of the existing framework against community requirements and look at, in association with stakeholders, how an operational model can work effectively to inspire optimal health and lower the incidence of lifestyle related illness.

Kindred Academy

The Kindred Academy is a fictional school with globally found characters who  embrace a cross sector of race, culture and personality. The characters intentionally make themselves and everyone around them feel better through a consciousness  of how others are feeling and how their own actions and awareness support happiness in their little group.


The initial book - Freya and the ten little things - is about ten little kindnesses and gestures that make a BIG difference to how Freya, her friends, teachers and parents feel.


Anni has led the development of the initiative for and on behalf of the International Health and Wellness Alliance who are seeking sponsorship and support to enable as many children, schools and social groups to enjoy and benefit from Freya's Ten Little Things and the heart message of the Kindred Academy.


Very special thanks to Lauren Cassani Davis who lovingly created the characters, illustrations and the fabulous story - we're very grateful.



Thank you in advance  from The International Health and Wellness Alliance






The inspiration that became Kindred Academy began around the time of the EU referendum vote in the UK. Amidst recognition of division in communities, a rise in race and hate crime and the simultaneous pledge by the International Health and Wellness Alliance (IHWA), to transform ten million lives in ten years, action needed to be taken. Anni Hood is a board director for the International Health and Wellness Alliance and led the development project to bring Kindred Academy to market.



The book and all of the supporting material is designed for 5- 7yr olds.

Like many stories created for this age group, there are subliminal nuances and messages that serve to give pause for parents, teachers and anyone reading the book. We seek to support all those who participate in education and in particular, raising the awareness of emotional health and the promotion of kindness.  Coupled with the first Kindred Academy book we're developing a 'plug-in' tool kit of games, exercises and lesson plans to support the curriculum and have fun too! 


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