What our clients say...

I have suffered from sensitive skin my whole life and regularly had skin outbreaks (red welts, blistering, hives etc) which were either due to food allergies or reactions to products or just my busy lifestyle. When I met Anni, I was having a particularly vicious outbreak on my neck and jawline and was absolutely desperate for help.

Anni talked to me about her products and also about general wellbeing from the inside out and I bought a bottle of the E3 AFA capsules.  I was skeptical but quite frankly it was amazing. Within days, the red welts had gone down and not only had my skin improved, but I felt healthier and more energised. 

I do sometimes get 'minor' outbreaks but can now see a pattern of it being connected to my monthly cycle but the best thing, is that the outbreaks are so minor that only I notice them and they only last for a short time. 

These are a natural product rather than a chemical and I'm very happy with them.  I have been using them for over a year now and at 44, with 3 children and a busy job, it was time to think about myself for a change!  

Janet R

“I can't tell you how inspiring I found the KIS Spring Detox Day. I have always wanted to do a detox but wasn’t sure of what was involved and doubted my will power could endure one. Having the benefit of your knowledge and experience was just the kick-start I needed to adopt a healthier approach to eating.

The day was packed with fascinating information – guiding us through the whys and hows of the detox process, whilst addressing the specific symptoms of individuals. You made us feel so special and the entire day was relaxed and really fun - I loved trying your delicious juices and smoothies, lunch was nutritious and divine, and those chocolates were unbelievably yummy! I would highly recommend your programme – it was really excellent and exceeded all expectations. Thanks to you I now feel so motivated - a huge thank you to Anni and the team at KIS lifestyle for your enthusiasm and expertise: this is life changing stuff!”  

Cobi S

"A truly brilliant day - real eye opener to anyone that wants to properly think about their health. We covered absolutely everything from cosmetics to food to medication - and an opportunity for a one to one as well.

Even if you think you are an expert - I promise you will learn more!

This can only be good for you - I recommend you go.”  

Helen K