Synchronicity, ‘Wellship’ and Le Sud de France

Apr 14, 2014

The buoyancy of the season seems evident in so much right now. It is both a pleasure, and a relief, to experience such rich momentum and synchronicity in life.

I was reminded again last week, of the intensity and unavoidable soul searching that the following consideration forces us to face;

“If having everything you ever wanted, meant giving up everything you’ve ever achieved, would you still do it?” Anoneinsteinmain-d221636a3615ffa6e93368e17af047c00f594767-s6-c30.jpg

It’s not an easy call. As we grow older I have an increasing sense that what some of us truly want and desire hasn’t always been what we’ve strived for. I posted the above quote to FB last night. Sometimes it is surprising what resonates with people, these quotes are in answer to that question;

 “You can only achieve greater things if you give up previous achievements- thats the only way upwards.”

“I thought that my achievements were what I wanted. . .”

 “Albert Einstein said it best: 'I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be.' Besides achievements are exactly that; achievements--yours to keep. You don't give them up, you just add new things to them.”

How great does it feel when the universe conspires to help us? When we’re motivated and committed tolooptail-cover.png fulfilling our deeply held passions and dreams and the stars seemingly align? Our ability to deliver is still not ‘easy’ but maybe there are fewer obstacles and more ‘free squares’ and opportunity, revealing themselves at the perfect time.

These are signs IMHO that are worth paying attention to  - our invisible, but energetically compelling endorsements for carrying on…signs that we’re on the right track to fulfilling whatever it is, that is our 'reason to be'.  Many things have happened of late, from meeting wonderful people to being in the right place at the right time. It’s taken some patience, (a virtue I’ve had to cultivate) to recalibrate and to focus, undeterred, on my soul desire. The self teaching, mistakes and ‘aha’ moments make me smile to remember.

The Future of Tourism event, twitter hashtag #FUtourism – (I don’t think they thought that one through!) was held in London last week at the Royal Geographic Society. The keynote was by Bruce Poon Tip, founder of G Adventures and author of ‘Looptail’.  It was an inspiring, humourous and  impassioned presentation by a
man driven by his own beliefs and heartfelt desire to make tourism a ‘force for good.’ His Holiness the Dalai Lama has written the foreword to his book.  The only business related book he has ever endorsed. Bruce was asked, ‘How did you do that?’, his reply; ‘I asked’.

One of the startling facts he relayed is that 75% of travelers today take package holidays.  What that means in commercial terms is that only $5 of every $100 spent, stays in the destination

His four cornerstones of happiness are;

  1. Growth and the potential to grow.
  2. Connectedness.
  3. Being a part of something greater than you.
  4. Freedom

My new word for the week is ‘wellship’ – why?  As I write, I’m ensconced in the stunning 'Sud de France' with friends who are equally fabulous, in a home that brims with welcome, kindness and love.  It’s wine country
and the combination of sunshine, acres of leafing vines, fresh air, open space and friendship is a perfect mix for destressing and rebalance. Nothing lifts the spirit more than a true friend.  The familiarity and warmth, your unconditional confidante, unspoken support and the sharing of both happy and challenging times.

This weekend has given me additional food for thought in the wellness arena – can optimal, genuine wellness, be found without true friendship as part of the mix? With the continued growth in community living along side the quest for deeper meaning, both physically and online, is ‘wellship’ the new black?




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Guest: Beautifully said Anni - truly!


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Beautifully said Anni - truly!
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