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What a Difference a Year Makes

Mar 02, 2014

This time last year I was in Saudi Arabia.  Interesting times, suffice to say, whilst colder and with it’s own challenges, the UK is a veritable sanctuary! Having said that, Saudi and then Mexico, both rich in their own way have shaped the dynamics of now.

Wellness Tourism

talise-spa.jpgThe dawn of wellness tourism is not recent but the difference today is in how it is now qualified and perceived. 'Spreading like wildfire' is an accurate analogy, the convergence of tourism and wellness is highlighted by a 9% growth rate per annum, the fastest growing global tourism segment (50% faster than other sectors) See the Global Wellness Tourism Economy report. It is a compelling and qualified reason to listen and take stock. Public and private sectors alike are beginning to recognise both the commercial and the socio economic benefits of wellness and travel. The domestic wellness traveller represents the largest portion of the wellness tourism market. They’re also higher yield consumers than the average international tourist spending 130% more. Primary purpose international tourists are the smallest segment but yield the highest at £1291 ($2066) per trip.

In stark contrast to the much publicised stats on obesity, diabetes and other chronic illnesses, inspiration for  ‘healthy living’ and ‘better health’ has never been more prevalent. My own feel for this antithesis, is that we're reaching an 'impossible to avoid' tipping point. Recently, a number of things have made me sit back and wonder, what will tip the scales?

Education and ripple effect;

IIN-logo.pngThe Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN)  is based in New York and founded by Joshua Rosenthal. The course they offer is promoted as 'Life Changing Education', providing a remote learning course to qualify thousands of, would be, health coaches; and also to create a ripple effect that 'transforms the world'.  I am one of their students along with two and a half thousand others from all over the globe. It is a one year commitment and a cool $6000 (less with promos and offers) – the maths of this revenue alone are pretty impressive! The institute have several ‘in takes’ per year producing many thousands of passionate, well trained and qualified coaches. Their student numbers are growing…fast. One of my favourite things about what IIN does and how they do it, is the community that they create and the encouragement they offer for everyone to reach out to their IIN family.

Inspiration – no boundaries;

Reboot_with_Joe.jpgI came across the movie ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’ whilst I was in Mexico – a Joe Cross film that is as inspiring as it is moving.  Joe is an Aussie bloke who set out (after every doctor failed) to rid himself of chronic urticaria (severe hives). He decided that rebooting his system and clearing out all the toxins and muck that was laying waste his body was the way forward. He committed to doing a juice fast for 60 days and made a movie of his journey. Take a look, it’s a goodie

I had the pleasure of meeting him last week whilst he launched his new book  ‘Reboot with Jo’ across the UK . What I loved was how accessible he made himself. The audience I was a part of was in Planet Organic in Wandsworth (London), close to 200 people attended on a very wet, stormy evening. Joe stayed and signed every book, posed for as many pics as everyone wanted and truly connected with everyone. I’m pretty sure he did the same, many times over, across the whole country.

The sense of community and belonging that these inspirers create, is what people want.  They want to feel better, they want to be healthier and happier but they also want to be a part of something. Something meaningful, for themselves and for others. That sense of belonging, being around like minds, giving and receiving support, is more valuable now than it has ever been.
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